Law Offices of David A. Lourie
Law Offices of David A. Lourie

Southern Maine Land Use Lawyer

I represent property owners in land use matters throughout the State of Maine. Whether you are facing a legal issue with a developer, a municipality or the State, I can help you achieve favorable results through dispute resolution or litigation.

As a former Portland city attorney, I know how to counter the tactics used to persuade homeowners into accepting minimal compensation and undesirable land use proposals. At the Law Offices of David A. Lourie, residential and commercial property owners will find an experienced land use attorney who is willing to listen, take a proactive and effective approach to resolution, and stand up for their property rights.

I also help people obtain permits, variances or conditional use authorizations in a wide variety of projects.

Contact me as soon as possible whether you are considering pursuing an inverse condemnation claim or are concerned about a property line violation. Statutes of limitations could disqualify your claim if you don’t act promptly. Call me today at 207-799-4922.

Zoning And Condemnation

Every case I handle is unique. I offer customized negotiation strategy and litigated solutions to each of my clients.

I will protect your property rights and safeguard the livelihood of your home or business. I have more than 35 years of legal experience, and I am familiar with the zoning and other land use procedures of government and developers.

If eminent domain action or inverse condemnation (e.g., regulatory taking, restrictive use of property, zoning that renders property valueless) deprives you of the use or enjoyment of your property without just and fair compensation, I will help you pursue the government for the compensation you rightly deserve.

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Contact me online or call me at 207-799-4922 to schedule a meeting to discuss your legal issue confidentially. I can work as your dedicated lawyer and staunch advocate.

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