Law Offices of David A. Lourie
Law Offices of David A. Lourie

Southern Maine Municipal Law Attorney

Legal disputes and negotiations with local government entities and government agencies over municipal law issues are hardly ever straightforward or simple. Government procedures and the law itself are complex, and each area of the law and every municipality requires a different approach, often through a different channel.

Each municipal law case is unique and in need of its own customized preparation and resolution. At the Law Offices of David A. Lourie, the particulars of your case are analyzed closely. I am detail-oriented and communicative. My evaluation of your case is precise, and I work collaboratively with you to develop a practical strategy and path to resolution that can accomplish your best possible outcome.

Contact me as soon as possible to discuss your legal situation. Many municipal law claims and defenses have a statute of limitations as short as thirty (30) days that can disqualify your claim or defense if you do not file an appeal. I understand these rules and exceptions. I can help you navigate the municipal and legal systems. Call me today at 207-799-4922.

Dependable, Creative Solutions | Trustworthy Experience

I am a former Portland City Attorney with more than 40 years of legal experience in Maine. The focus of my practice is on Portland-area issues, including southern and western Maine, but I do advise and represent clients throughout the state.

My record of achieving successful resolutions for people regardless of the timeline or pressures of their legal matter speaks for itself. I can assist you personally and cost-effectively in the following areas:

  • Planning, land use and zoning
  • Streets, sewers and other utilities disputes
  • Boundary disputes and riparian rights
  • Condemnation
  • Tort claims (e.g., negligence, product liability, assault and battery, false imprisonment, fraud, conspiracy and other injuries to body or character)
  • Municipal liability
  • Property taxes
  • Tax abatements
  • Discrimination

I am your advocate, and I will fight for your rights as a reputable Southern Maine municipal law attorney. I stand up to city hall and government agencies. I assist individuals and businesses of all types in contractual, transactional, civil litigation and dispute resolution matters.

I challenge government pression, and I can anticipate the tactics of government lawyers. I was one myself for many years and I still represent a towns on a regular basis.

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Contact me online or call me at 207-799-4922 to schedule a meeting to discuss your legal issue confidentially.

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